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Top 5 budget travels

Are you looking for budget travels, but don’t know where to go? This is our top 5 cheapest countries to visit.


Turkey is one of the cheapest countries in the world, but still very beautiful. In turkey it would cost about $30 per person daily. This certainly is not a lot considering the temples and the beaches that could be visited here. The historic ottoman temple is also found here.

2. Nepal

Nepal is a country that is often forgotten about. In Nepal you can hike amazing trials and drink the freshest coffee in the world. Mount Everest is also located in Nepal and an amazing sight to see. With beautiful jungles and natural scenes, it’s amazing how you could pay as little as $3 per night.


This is a perfect summer vacation with beautiful beaches and a lot of sunshine. With $28 a day you can have a holiday that would not feel like a budget trip. You can join one of the carnivals or see where Pablo Escobar lived. I would especially recommend the city of Cartagena for a budget trip.

4.The Republic of Georgia

This country was taken straight out of a medieval storybook. With green mountains, amazing wine countries and great hiking trails makes this a top contender. The people are also very friendly and welcoming and will love to have a conversation with you. With $17 per day, you can survive and still enjoy the sights.


Thailand is a beautiful country that is not hard on your bank account. It’s a very tropical destination where you can visit mountaintop temples and visit beaches. Playing with elephants is also a great attraction here and for as little as about $6 a night you can sleep in a room.

These five countries might be budget travels, but should most definitely not be overlooked. We also have backpacking trips and travelling tips that can help you plan your next trip.  

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