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Visiting the great city of Cape Town South Africa

South Africa, Cape town, is one of the most unique cities that I have ever visited. It has a special flair that can only be felt. The people are kind and everyone is happy. With its rich history and the happy vibes, there is not much not to like about the city.


Cape Town was the first city in South Africa and was created and founded in 1652 when the Dutch explorer Jan van Ribieeck arrived there with his 3 ships. Since then it has grown to be a beautiful city with a lot of beautiful experiences.


A beautiful attraction and one of the biggest is Table Mountain. The view from the top is absolutely stunning, but choose a day with nice weather. If you go to Table Mountain, you must be absolutely sure that there will be no mist and preferably sunny skies. I would recommend going in the afternoon between 1 and 2 o’clock.

While you are in the city there are a lot of specialized restaurants to choose from. Seabreeze fish and shell, is an extraordinary restaurant that serves stunning dishes fresh from the ocean and has a stunning view. I would recommend making a reservation as it is a popular restaurant and not only for tourists.

Leave the city center

Outside the city is also a lot to do. There are a lot vineyards and wineries where you can go and taste their extraordinary wines and different flavors. The best vineyards and wineries are located in Stellenbosch, which is a small city located just outside of Cape Town. You can take a bus to get there and staying somewhere in the little town, a winery or vineyard is also possible.

Another travelling attraction is Robben Island. Robben Island is a place that carries a lot of the history in South Africa as that is where Nelson Mandela was kept for 18 of his 27 years in jail. To get there, you take a trip on a boat for about 40-60 minutes, which seems like a long time, but you spend about 2-3 hours on the island when you get there. There are a lot of special bird species on the island and the Africa penguin can also be found here.


The weather is good in Cape Town, but it’s not always hot and there are some soft rains and winds. Be prepared by keeping a rain jacket or windbreaker with you in your backpack. Even if the weather is not always perfect, be sure to visit the beaches. The beaches are filled with life and eventful. In the summer there are markets by the beach where you can buy handmade souvenirs and a good bite to eat.

I have become a sucker for Cape Town and there is still so much that I still need to see. Cape Town left a special mark in my heart and I hope to return there as soon an possible.

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