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City guide: Top 5 cities that must be visited

There are a lot of cities to travel to, but some are just more special than others. This city guide hosts the top 5 cities that must be visited.

New York, USA

The big apple, New York is one of the biggest cities and definitely one of the most famous in the world. This is a proper city experience with skyscrapers and a jam packed streets. This city houses the statue of liberty and central park. Don’t forget to take a classic yellow cab while you are there.

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Amsterdam is one of the biggest tourist attractions in the world. This city gives you the freedom that you can’t find anywhere else in the world. This is a very liberal city with beautiful cannels and friendly people. There are also a lot of museums to visit and there are great sceneries to be seen.

Paris, France

Paris is the city of love and that’s also the feeling you get when you are there. Rooms with a view of the Eifel tower just give you that special feeling. The louvre museum is another iconic landmark that is found in the city. The palace of Versaille is also a beautiful and breath-taking part of their history.

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

The capitol of Brazil has become a hotspot in South America. The beautiful beaches and the incredible sceneries care for a memorable experience. The Christ the Redeemer statue is a landmark that can be seen throughout Rio. You can also go to the rainforest and have a walk through the jungle.

Cape Town, South Africa

Cape Town is a beautiful city that gives you a classic holiday feeling. With long beaches and amazing wineries all care for a great holiday. Take a safari and witness the amazing wildlife. You can visit Table Mountain and get a breath-taking view of the city.

I hope that this city guide gave you an insight to some of the best cities in the world. Go here for more city travels.

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