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Budget trips

The city of Kualu Lumpur, Malaysia

Kuala Lumpur is famous for the fact that you can travel cheap and still have an unforgettable experience. It’s the biggest city in the country and also the capitol of Malaysia. There are a lot of sights to be seen and great things to do.

Things to do

The most famous tourist attraction in Kuala Lumpur, are the Petronas Towers. It’s beautiful during the day and night, but during the night it is a remarkable sight to see when there are thousands of light that are lit around the building. There are water shows in the evening at 8, 9 and 10 o’clock at the Lake Symphony Fountains, which are located in front of the building and the show is spectacular. Be sure to buy tickets online if you want to visit the towers. The tickets are $21. With this ticket you get a tour of the building. If you don’t want to do the tour, you can view from the surrounding park.

For a more natural experience, you can visit the Batu caves. These caves are located just outside the city. It is a big Hindu temple with birds flying high and monkeys running through the trees. This is a free sight that can be visited. Be sure to wear comfortable shoes as you will have to walk a lot of stairs and wear clothing that covers your knees and elbows.

The park

The lake garden is also a breath-taking scenery in the center of the city. It is a park that is located in the city center where you can take a break from the city life. It’s free to enter the park and there are a lot of things to do here. The following can be found in the park: Bird Park, the national museum, Royal Malaysian museum and more. There is a deer park that is free to enter, but the rest have a fee attached.


The food is really cheap in Malaysia and there is a food street market that should be visited. Here you can find Thai, Chinese, Indian and Malay food. A basic meal with a drink can cost about $4.50, which is not bad. The average daily cost in Kuala Lumpur would be around $30.

Where to sleep

If you are just looking for a bed to crash in for a few nights that has nothing expensive or amazing, you can find a hotel or a backpacking site for around $20 per night. Just book in time if you want to stay at a hotel to make it a bit cheaper.


To get around in Kuala Lumpur is not that difficult. You can use public transport like the bus and the train as they go often. More routes have recently been added to the system so it goes to different areas now. Just be sure to plan your trip so you know where to go to avoid any difficulties.

Kuala Lumpur is a great city that is perfect for a budget tour and also a beautiful city. Be sure to visit this city if you are looking for budget trip and a great experience.

Budget trips

The walled city of Cartagena, Colombia.

The city surrounded by a wall and oceans. In Cartagena, Colombia you can have a great time without having to spend a lot of money and is definitely one of the most beautiful cities to travel to.

Go into the city

Cartagena is divided into two parts. The one part is modern and filled with skyscrapers, while the other side is old and rich with history. Beaches are not hard to find, but not all the beaches are good. If you travel to Colombia for a good beach, then Cartagena is ideal. A good beach to spend the day at is Playa Blanca, where you can snorkel at the beautiful beach. If you are not in the mood for swimming, you can get lost in the old city by walking through the little streets and clear your mind. In the old city you’ll see extraordinary colorful old houses, little plazas and street art. If you decide to walk in the old town, be sure to start in the morning, because it gets really hot in the evenings.

If you are a party goer, you must visit Media Luna on a Wednesday night. Every Wednesday they host a party that is open for anyone. Just be sure to be one of the first ones to arrive, because it can get a bit hectic.

Volcano El Totumo

You can have an extremely unique experience at El Totumo volcano. El Totumo volcano is a volcano that has no lava, but that is filled with mud. If you go there you can have a refreshing mud bath or just have a dip in the skin cleansing mud. A tour will cost you about $15 which is a good price for the tour that will last a day.

Time for a snack

The food is not expensive and you can get a good plate of food from a street vendor or the market. A lunch would cost around $4 with a drink and $13 for dinner for two people at a local pub.

Where to sleep

You will unfortunately not be able to sleep in the city center on a budget, but rather just outside the city. A group would be better off to rent an apartment than staying at a hotel. To stay in a hotel will cost about $25 per person per night.

Will it be raining ?

It will most definitely not be raining. November and December are the busiest months, but the weather stays above average 30 degrees throughout the year. The raining season is between Maya and December, but it does not rain a lot. April to May and September to October is the off-season, therefore the cheapest times to go.


With the new public transport system, you can travel through the city and it is the cheapest way to get from A to B. If you want to get anywhere around or outside the city, you’d have to take a taxi, but there are enough places accessible on foot.

If you consider of visiting Colombia, Cartagena is the best option for your travel is the best choice. The happy locals, good atmosphere and cheap living makes Cartagena a perfect location to travel to on a budget.

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Budget trips

Travel cheap in Chiang Mai , Thailand

Chiang Mai is an island that is located in Northern Thailand. It’s one of the cheapest cities and the best location for a budget trip.


Chiang Mai is a tropical paradise that is filled with temples. There are a lot of temples that could be visited, but the ultimate experience is to visit a mountaintop temple. The city is surrounded by mountains and there are also a lot of temples to be visited in the mountaintops. The mountaintop temple of Doi Sutthep is incomparable to rest though. The view over the city is breath-taking and definitely worth the trip with an entrance fee of $0.90. There are a lot of ways to get there, but renting a motorcycle, which cost about $1, 50 a day, or using the transport of the temples are the easiest ways to do it. When visiting these temples, try to wear clothing that covers knees and elbows (both sexes).


The price to stay in a basic room in Chiang Mai would start from about $6 per night and the more expensive hotels range from $25-$30 per night. Even if you don’t book ahead, the rooms are not expensive.


Eating in Chiang Mai is extremely cheap. You can get food from a market or at a restaurant, but don’t expect the service or fanciness that you get in Europe. The best meal that most definitely must be tried, is Khao Soi. Khao Soi is a creamy soup with noodles or rice and traditionally chicken, but can be made with beef, pork or tofu. These meals cost around $1, but fancy dining can go up until $15.

Free sightseeing

Since you are travelling on a budget, I would recommend you do some free sightseeing. The best and most beautiful thing to do for free is to go waterfall hunting. In the mountains there are roads that can be followed which will lead you to extraordinary waterfalls. There is also a night market which has a great atmosphere and gives you a good feeling.


Also very a very important factor is the weather. The weather in Chiang mai is the best between November and April. These are the hottest months and the weather can rise up to 35 degrees during the day and drop to 14 in the evenings. This happens because of the high humidity so also be prepared for that.

More expensive experiences

  • Elephant Nature Park : $70  full day or $50 half day
  • Zip-line in jungle : $130
  • Museum of  World Insects and natural wonders : $6
  • Night/day safari : $25

Chiang Mai is a beautiful city with an unique island experience. And if you are travelling on a budget, you should definitely consider the extraordinary city of Chiang Mai. Chiang Mai is also a great destination if you are looking for the backpacking experience.

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