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Travel to the Fiji Islands

The friendliness of the people and crystal clear water with golden beaches. The Fiji islands are the most perfect backpack destinations that offers a lot. Located in Oceania located in the South Pacific Ocean, makes it the perfect country to just get away from it all.

To Do

You can do a lot in Fiji and its tropical beauty. The best way to spend your time, however is on the beaches. You can bask in the sun and forget about your troubles, but don’t forget your sunscreen. While you’re there, you can snorkel between the beautiful coral reefs and witness the colorful ocean life. For the surfers there is the island of Tavarua that offers one of the best surf spots called cloudbreak and more spots for people that are not yet that advanced.

When you are tired of the oceans, you can take a hike through the jungle with a group or alone. You can witness the beautiful wildlife and wide range of exotic birds. It’s also a great opportunity to visit one of the local villages and take part in one of their many traditional ceremonies.

Where to stay

In most of the cities you can find a hostel or camping site very easily and inexpensive. It also is not a rare for people to go and live with a Fijian family in a village. There are several volunteer expeditions that you can contact and join to have a true Fijian experience.


The best months to visit are between May and October. These are the so called winter months, but with temperatures still rising to about 28 degrees, I would not complain. During the summer months, you go into the raining season and you might get caught in the tropical storms and cyclones.


Travelling through Fiji islands is not difficult or expensive. The public transport works well and you’ll be able to get around the island with buses. To get to the neighboring islands you can make use of a short boat trip. There are also taxis that are easy to find, but you will have to pay more.


The food in Fiji is typical island food. Everything is fresh, healthy and a lot. They traditionally eat with their hands and they enjoy sitting on the floor while doing so. The most popular meals consist of fish or chicken, sweet potato, rice, coconuts and cassava. Cassava is a natural root that is prepared as a side for most meals.

The people

If you are thinking of staying for an extended period of time, you will have to link up with the locals. At least that is the easiest thing that you would have to do during your trip. Fijians are extremely friendly, open minded and stress free. They’ll help you whenever they can, but don’t expect them to be on time if you set a time to meet up with someone…

Fiji is a paradise and you’ll see how calm and laid back life can be, just be careful not to fall too in love , otherwise you’ll never want to leave.

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