The Grachtengordel of Amsterdam

Anyone flying from above would have a clear view of the interwoven image that the city of Amsterdam displays. It looks like a spider’s web from above, but is a system of streets, canals, quays, bridges and residential houses. The lots show an identical picture of equal length and width, and they have more or less courtyard gardens.

The Primeval Canals

The inner city of Amsterdam runs along four major ones, namely the Singel, the Herengracht, the Keizersgracht and the Prinsengracht. The canals all run toward the Amstel River, but do not end there. At later times, these canals were further extended with the new Herengracht, Nieuwe Keizersgracht and new Prinsengracht. They then run from the Amstel to the Muidergracht in the northeastern part of the area. The uniqueness of this ring of canals is that it is centuries old. It is an ironclad painting and urban planning concept and gives the picture of the development of the area at that time, the prosperity that was there. It has no been altered over the centuries, proud other larger structures have been erected around it. It is therefore not surprising that it is on INESCO’s World Heritage List. It is one of the city’s main tourist attractions.

The Canal Museum

To highlight the genesis of the canal district, an interactive and multimedia exhibition has been created in the museum. Through models, animations, 3D and wall projections, the old-time image is created. There is also a dollhouse, where you can view the rooms of the canal house through the Peppers Ghost technique. In addition to the exhibition, you can also view the period rooms on the bell floor and thus the garden. The museum was opened, following the inclusion of Amsterdam’s ring of canals on the World Heritage List in 2010, set up in 2011. The museum is located at Herengracht 386 in an ancient building designed since 1663. It is a building rich in the history of the time in terms of trade that was conducted within that building. It even had international trade. It also developed strong ties with the United States of America here. Even during the American War of Independence from 1775 to 1790, Americans were supported from here with credits and shares by Dutch bankers.

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