Attractions Amsterdam Light Festival

Various canal cruises allow tourists and visitors to enjoy the Amsterdam Light Festival from a boat on the water. This includes a choice of the Amsterdam canals canal cruise or a dinner canal cruise, where while enjoying the beautiful light spectacle, they partake in a luxurious meal on the water. Examples of these luxury canal cruises are the Amsterdam Canal Cruise and the Amsterdam Boat Canal Dinner Cruises. Most tourists choose these comfortable and luxurious canal cruises because of the 360 views it offers of the light festival. In addition to the canal cruises, there are also land-based attractions that can be visited through tickets.

Options to canal cruise packages

Visitors to the Amsterdam Light Festival can choose from the various options when it comes to the canal cruises. These options include the Amsterdam Light Festival Canal Tour, the Amsterdam Light Festival Semi-Open Boat Tour, the Amsterdam Light Festival: Snack & Drink Canal Tour, the Amsterdam Light Festival: Luxury Canal Tour Tickets and the Amsterdam Light Festival VIP Canal Tour: Open Bar & Welcome Cocktail.

The various tickets

For example, with the Rijksmuseum Entry Tickets & Cruise Combo, visitors have the opportunity to explore the Rijksmuseum, where you can view various abstract works of art while also enjoying the architecture of the imposing museum structure. This museum consists of galleries, where more than 8,000 works of art by internationally recognized artists are displayed. Some other tickets include: the Lovers, where you can cruise through Amsterdam with an audio guide in 1 hour, the Flagship Amsterdam Tickets for a luxury cruise from the Anne Frank Huise, 1.5-hour Evening Cruise, the classic Amsterdam Cruise with Drinks and the Amsterdam Cruise with New York Pizza and drinks. Rijksmuseum Entry Tickets & Cruise Combo and Heineken Experience Tickets with Free Drinks and Cruise are still some.

Book tickets online

You can buy the tickets for the Amsterdam Light Festival canal cruise not only physical stores, but also book them online. The tickets usually state the privileges you have at the various canal cruises. All tickets for the canal cruises include admission to the light festival, as they are specially designed around the festival.

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