Backpacking trips

Visiting the Pyramids of Egypt and more

Egypt has a lot to offer, from the pyramids and ancient statues to snorkeling above the corals reefs in the red sea. The only way to see everything in Egypt is by backpacking.


Obviously the first thing that you would want to visit is the pyramids of Egypt. The great pyramid of Giza and the great Sphinx of Giza are the most iconic places to see. Since you probably will be landing in Cairo, it’s a good idea to stay in Cairo and visit the pyramids in the morning. They are located just outside the city and are easy to reach. In Cairo is also where the great Egyptian museum can be found. Here you’ll find all antiquities and they can be viewed here. The Khan el-Khalili is a major bazaar where you can buy souvenirs and handmade crafts. Camel riding is extremely popular here and can be done in most of the cities in Egypt.


Another great city to visit is Luxor. To get to Luxor from Cairo can be done with an overnight train. What more can you want as a backpacker? The train drives next to the Nile river. A day train or bus can also be used to travel to Luxor. In Luxor you will find the largest open-air museums in the world. Luxor is home to a lot of ancient temples and tombs that can be visited.


If you want to go snorkeling or diving, it can be done in Luxor as well as Dahab, but Dahab is more popular among divers. No matter which location you choose, you will have a great experience. With the beautiful coral reefs and clear waters is easy to see why it’s so popular. In Dahab you can also visit the St Catherine monastery and if you don’t like camel riding, you can go on a horse riding expedition in Dahab.

Train, bus and metros

The public transport system works well and they have buses, trains and metros. There are also taxi’s, but are not needed that much. The roads are not very safe and people drive very recklessly. Egypt has the highest number of incidents per mile driven in the world. Therefore you should be careful when walking in the streets and also try to find a good taxi driver if you might need one.

Don’t underestimate the heat

Do not forget that Egypt is a desert. Therefore it is extremely hot. During the summer times temperatures can rise to 45 degrees Celsius. In the winter months it’s colder, but still fairly hot. In the evenings the temperature drops significantly and in the winter it can even get 0 degrees.

How much does it cost to sleep ?

If you are just looking for a dorm room that might have AC, you’d be paying $6 at most per night. For a decent hotel you would be paying about $20 per night. Either way, it is not too expensive.

The Egyptian diet

Their diet consists of a lot of legumes, vegetables and sometimes fruit, but a lot of spices. Kushari is a dish that simply must be tried when visiting Egypt. It is a mixture of rice and pasta filled with a variety of vegetables and topped with thick tomato paste. Alexandrian liver and sausage is a classic street food that can be bought here. It is a bit spicy as they are both the liver and sausage are topped with spicy pepper and both are served with a pickle. But a great serving of kebab can be found everywhere for the meat lovers.

Egypt offers a lot more than just the pyramids and should therefore be visited. This is the ideal country for an unforgettable backpacking experience.

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Budget trips

The walled city of Cartagena, Colombia.

The city surrounded by a wall and oceans. In Cartagena, Colombia you can have a great time without having to spend a lot of money and is definitely one of the most beautiful cities to travel to.

Go into the city

Cartagena is divided into two parts. The one part is modern and filled with skyscrapers, while the other side is old and rich with history. Beaches are not hard to find, but not all the beaches are good. If you travel to Colombia for a good beach, then Cartagena is ideal. A good beach to spend the day at is Playa Blanca, where you can snorkel at the beautiful beach. If you are not in the mood for swimming, you can get lost in the old city by walking through the little streets and clear your mind. In the old city you’ll see extraordinary colorful old houses, little plazas and street art. If you decide to walk in the old town, be sure to start in the morning, because it gets really hot in the evenings.

If you are a party goer, you must visit Media Luna on a Wednesday night. Every Wednesday they host a party that is open for anyone. Just be sure to be one of the first ones to arrive, because it can get a bit hectic.

Volcano El Totumo

You can have an extremely unique experience at El Totumo volcano. El Totumo volcano is a volcano that has no lava, but that is filled with mud. If you go there you can have a refreshing mud bath or just have a dip in the skin cleansing mud. A tour will cost you about $15 which is a good price for the tour that will last a day.

Time for a snack

The food is not expensive and you can get a good plate of food from a street vendor or the market. A lunch would cost around $4 with a drink and $13 for dinner for two people at a local pub.

Where to sleep

You will unfortunately not be able to sleep in the city center on a budget, but rather just outside the city. A group would be better off to rent an apartment than staying at a hotel. To stay in a hotel will cost about $25 per person per night.

Will it be raining ?

It will most definitely not be raining. November and December are the busiest months, but the weather stays above average 30 degrees throughout the year. The raining season is between Maya and December, but it does not rain a lot. April to May and September to October is the off-season, therefore the cheapest times to go.


With the new public transport system, you can travel through the city and it is the cheapest way to get from A to B. If you want to get anywhere around or outside the city, you’d have to take a taxi, but there are enough places accessible on foot.

If you consider of visiting Colombia, Cartagena is the best option for your travel is the best choice. The happy locals, good atmosphere and cheap living makes Cartagena a perfect location to travel to on a budget.

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Backpacking trips

Travel to the Fiji Islands

The friendliness of the people and crystal clear water with golden beaches. The Fiji islands are the most perfect backpack destinations that offers a lot. Located in Oceania located in the South Pacific Ocean, makes it the perfect country to just get away from it all.

To Do

You can do a lot in Fiji and its tropical beauty. The best way to spend your time, however is on the beaches. You can bask in the sun and forget about your troubles, but don’t forget your sunscreen. While you’re there, you can snorkel between the beautiful coral reefs and witness the colorful ocean life. For the surfers there is the island of Tavarua that offers one of the best surf spots called cloudbreak and more spots for people that are not yet that advanced.

When you are tired of the oceans, you can take a hike through the jungle with a group or alone. You can witness the beautiful wildlife and wide range of exotic birds. It’s also a great opportunity to visit one of the local villages and take part in one of their many traditional ceremonies.

Where to stay

In most of the cities you can find a hostel or camping site very easily and inexpensive. It also is not a rare for people to go and live with a Fijian family in a village. There are several volunteer expeditions that you can contact and join to have a true Fijian experience.


The best months to visit are between May and October. These are the so called winter months, but with temperatures still rising to about 28 degrees, I would not complain. During the summer months, you go into the raining season and you might get caught in the tropical storms and cyclones.


Travelling through Fiji islands is not difficult or expensive. The public transport works well and you’ll be able to get around the island with buses. To get to the neighboring islands you can make use of a short boat trip. There are also taxis that are easy to find, but you will have to pay more.


The food in Fiji is typical island food. Everything is fresh, healthy and a lot. They traditionally eat with their hands and they enjoy sitting on the floor while doing so. The most popular meals consist of fish or chicken, sweet potato, rice, coconuts and cassava. Cassava is a natural root that is prepared as a side for most meals.

The people

If you are thinking of staying for an extended period of time, you will have to link up with the locals. At least that is the easiest thing that you would have to do during your trip. Fijians are extremely friendly, open minded and stress free. They’ll help you whenever they can, but don’t expect them to be on time if you set a time to meet up with someone…

Fiji is a paradise and you’ll see how calm and laid back life can be, just be careful not to fall too in love , otherwise you’ll never want to leave.

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Travelling tips

Checklist for flying

Can’t fly comfortably or don’t like flying? This checklist for flying will help you be more comfortable and make flying hassle free. This checklist will help you with your city trips, backpacking trips and your budget trips.

Be comfortable

Wear comfortable clothing and shoes. It is very important to wear comfortable clothing and shoes, as you will be wearing it for some time. If possible, don’t wear a belt. This is only annoying at the airports security and uncomfortable on your flight.

Check in online

Checking in online is quick and easy. If you do this, you don’t have to wait in a line and can immediately check in your luggage when you arrive at the airport.


Have something that can keep you busy for some time. Have movies or series on your phone/tablet that you can watch in your down time. If you like reading, have a book or kindle with you.

Arrive early

Rather be safe than sorry. You never know what the traffic or weather conditions are going to be like, so be prepared for anything and leave a little bit earlier than planned.

Don’t use your own car

Use the train or bus to get to the airport. A taxi is also a good option, but do not go with your car and leave it in the parking garage. This is extremely expensive and therefore unnecessary. You can also ask a friend to take you to the airport, but just remember that they maybe have to work or may have something else planned already.

Be quick with in between layovers

If you have a layover, move fast. Even if your next flight is in a while, locate your next gate before you start your airport sightseeing or shopping. You never know how far it is or how hard it is to find your gate, some airports are ginormous.

Be healthy

Take extra vitamins and minerals a week before your flight and have a small bottle of hand sanitizer on the plane with you.  There are a lot of germs and bacteria on an airplane. The plane cannot be thoroughly cleaned every time it lands, so it’s not the cleanest place you’ll ever be and you don’t want to run the risk of getting sick on holiday.

This checklist for flying should help you have a successful flight and a good start to your holiday.  

City trips

Travel through the city of Helsinki, Finland.

Helsinki is the capitol of Finland and of one the fastest growing cities in Europe and a great city to travel to. This modern Scandinavian and colorful city can have as little as 6 hour’s sunlight per day in the winter, but has an exceptional uniqueness that not every city can offer.

What to do

If you travel to Finland, Helsinki is certainly worth the travel. The city that offers a lot, but mostly a great feeling. There are a lot of sights to see, but most of them are architectural. A must see is the Helsinki cathedral located in the center of Helsinki. The cathedral is one of the most iconic landmarks and attracts a lot of tourists and locals. I would recommend you get up a bit earlier to get a good picture of the cathedral. The Market Square is a great place to visit for a good bite or just to have look around, but be sure to visit one of the many cafes that the city has to offer while you are in the city center. The cosiness, warmth and good coffee all contribute to a nice and relaxing break from all your walking.    

If you are looking for a relaxed place to have a drink, you should visit Kallio. Kallio is creative, vibrant and laid back district where you can have a drink among the locals. This is where Helsinki’s unique lifestyle and locals are seen at their best.

In the winter time the auroras can be witnessed in Helsinki. Between September and October and February and March, the lights can be seen dancing in the sky. But keep in mind that it can only be 2-3 days prior if they can be seen.


They offer most of the normal everyday foods like pork, chicken and beef, but fish is also very popular. Fish can be served in several different ways. Baltic herring is a traditional they have and is certainly something that you should try while you are there. This can be found at any market. Reindeer meat is also a popular meal that is widely enjoyed in Finland, so if you are in the mood for something new, reindeer meat can be found. Grilled sausage is also very popular. This is prepared over an open fire and served with mustard and beer.


The weather in Helsinki is cold, but at least not rainy. The summer months are May until September, but the warmest it will get during these months is around 21 degrees. Therefore be sure to have a good jacket when you go there, no matter when you are going to travel there.

In Helsinki you must keep an open mind and let the city make you feel special. Helsinki certainly is one of the most unique and underrated cities in Europe.  

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Budget trips

Travel cheap in Chiang Mai , Thailand

Chiang Mai is an island that is located in Northern Thailand. It’s one of the cheapest cities and the best location for a budget trip.


Chiang Mai is a tropical paradise that is filled with temples. There are a lot of temples that could be visited, but the ultimate experience is to visit a mountaintop temple. The city is surrounded by mountains and there are also a lot of temples to be visited in the mountaintops. The mountaintop temple of Doi Sutthep is incomparable to rest though. The view over the city is breath-taking and definitely worth the trip with an entrance fee of $0.90. There are a lot of ways to get there, but renting a motorcycle, which cost about $1, 50 a day, or using the transport of the temples are the easiest ways to do it. When visiting these temples, try to wear clothing that covers knees and elbows (both sexes).


The price to stay in a basic room in Chiang Mai would start from about $6 per night and the more expensive hotels range from $25-$30 per night. Even if you don’t book ahead, the rooms are not expensive.


Eating in Chiang Mai is extremely cheap. You can get food from a market or at a restaurant, but don’t expect the service or fanciness that you get in Europe. The best meal that most definitely must be tried, is Khao Soi. Khao Soi is a creamy soup with noodles or rice and traditionally chicken, but can be made with beef, pork or tofu. These meals cost around $1, but fancy dining can go up until $15.

Free sightseeing

Since you are travelling on a budget, I would recommend you do some free sightseeing. The best and most beautiful thing to do for free is to go waterfall hunting. In the mountains there are roads that can be followed which will lead you to extraordinary waterfalls. There is also a night market which has a great atmosphere and gives you a good feeling.


Also very a very important factor is the weather. The weather in Chiang mai is the best between November and April. These are the hottest months and the weather can rise up to 35 degrees during the day and drop to 14 in the evenings. This happens because of the high humidity so also be prepared for that.

More expensive experiences

  • Elephant Nature Park : $70  full day or $50 half day
  • Zip-line in jungle : $130
  • Museum of  World Insects and natural wonders : $6
  • Night/day safari : $25

Chiang Mai is a beautiful city with an unique island experience. And if you are travelling on a budget, you should definitely consider the extraordinary city of Chiang Mai. Chiang Mai is also a great destination if you are looking for the backpacking experience.

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City trips

Visiting the great city of Cape Town South Africa

South Africa, Cape town, is one of the most unique cities that I have ever visited. It has a special flair that can only be felt. The people are kind and everyone is happy. With its rich history and the happy vibes, there is not much not to like about the city.


Cape Town was the first city in South Africa and was created and founded in 1652 when the Dutch explorer Jan van Ribieeck arrived there with his 3 ships. Since then it has grown to be a beautiful city with a lot of beautiful experiences.


A beautiful attraction and one of the biggest is Table Mountain. The view from the top is absolutely stunning, but choose a day with nice weather. If you go to Table Mountain, you must be absolutely sure that there will be no mist and preferably sunny skies. I would recommend going in the afternoon between 1 and 2 o’clock.

While you are in the city there are a lot of specialized restaurants to choose from. Seabreeze fish and shell, is an extraordinary restaurant that serves stunning dishes fresh from the ocean and has a stunning view. I would recommend making a reservation as it is a popular restaurant and not only for tourists.

Leave the city center

Outside the city is also a lot to do. There are a lot vineyards and wineries where you can go and taste their extraordinary wines and different flavors. The best vineyards and wineries are located in Stellenbosch, which is a small city located just outside of Cape Town. You can take a bus to get there and staying somewhere in the little town, a winery or vineyard is also possible.

Another travelling attraction is Robben Island. Robben Island is a place that carries a lot of the history in South Africa as that is where Nelson Mandela was kept for 18 of his 27 years in jail. To get there, you take a trip on a boat for about 40-60 minutes, which seems like a long time, but you spend about 2-3 hours on the island when you get there. There are a lot of special bird species on the island and the Africa penguin can also be found here.


The weather is good in Cape Town, but it’s not always hot and there are some soft rains and winds. Be prepared by keeping a rain jacket or windbreaker with you in your backpack. Even if the weather is not always perfect, be sure to visit the beaches. The beaches are filled with life and eventful. In the summer there are markets by the beach where you can buy handmade souvenirs and a good bite to eat.

I have become a sucker for Cape Town and there is still so much that I still need to see. Cape Town left a special mark in my heart and I hope to return there as soon an possible.

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Travelling tips

Get ready for travelling with this checklist

Going on holiday is a stressful time and there are things that you might forget. Follow this travelling checklist to be ready and stress free.

Have your documentation ready

If you want to enjoy your vacation, you first need to get there. Don’t leave it till the last minute to see if your passport is up to date and have your visa ready in time. Also make photocopies of your passport and I.D. to take with you in case of an emergency.

Be ready with your money

Have some cash with you at all times, from the moment you arrive till you leave. It does not have to be a lot, but just enough to get by in an emergency. Next to your cash, take more than one credit card, but don’t carry them together. One should be kept safe and used if you lost the other one. A recommendation would be a travel money card. They are not too hard to get by and can carry money in different currencies.

Be insured

Before you leave, be sure to contact your insurance and have your travel insurance ready. You always run the risk of getting injured and you should be sure that you are covered if something does go wrong. While we are on the medical topic, remember to take enough of your prescription medication, with a letter from your doctor or specialist.

Appropriate attire

Have the right clothing for the destination you are going to. If you‘re going to somewhere cold, have a good jacket to take with and do not underestimate how hot or cold it can be. Be ready for every situation. Comfortable shoes are also very important as you will have to walk a lot no matter what kind of holiday you are having. Sightseeing does include a lot of walking as well. Always have a windbreaker/rain jacket in you backpack. The weather can change fast.

Double check your reservation

Unless you are a backpacker, you should have booked a place to stay. Before you leave, double check the address, time and date so everything can go smoothly when you arrive. Print the confirmation of your reservation to avoid any uncomfortable interactions at the reception.

All the small things

Remember your to take the following with you:

  • Phone charger
  • Earphones/headset
  • Wallet

These are things you absolutely need, but might forget. Put them in your hand luggage before you start packing so that you know where they are and don’t have to stress about them any longer.

I hope that this travelling checklist will help you with your travels. The most important thing is to have fun and make memories that will last you a lifetime.

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